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The latest release version of Video In Person is 4.1.9 on 10.09.2022

New 2-Factor Authentication

A new feature managed per domain in our Admin panel. The number of days for which a user will not be asked for 2FA code can be customized. If feature is enabled, at logon page user needs to authenticate with 6-digit code sent via email.

Easier GDPR compliancy

We have made it easier for GDPR compliancy to be implemented, allowing end-users to click and accept your Terms of Conditions or Terms of Service before joining their video session. The feature is enabled/disabled per domain, upon your request.

Notification for Users about new releases

A new popup modal for agents. Modal is visible after logging in. Information about latest version of the app is visible in the bottom left corner of agent panel. After clicking it agent can see details for all releases. In this deploy we will start to show this modal for users. Below an example of how it looks.

Digital signature within VIP calls

A new feature is available which allows agents and customers to sign documents during your video call. Managed per domain in our video-admin panel, we disable the feature default. If enabled and configured in agent’s panel, documents can be signed during VIP call.

Allow Agents to Pause video call

Agents can now pause video calls. Pause call button is placed at the bottom of Customer’s camera view and allows the video call to be paused for a brief period of time.

Various Bug Fixes & Backend upgrades – We have fixed a number of bugs reported to us, most notably after an issue with web-sockets. If you are interested to know more about the specific upgrades to the backend system please feel free to get in touch.

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