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There are many different video communication solution on the market, each promising their own form of customisation or branding. I wanted to help you by taking a look into how we help customers customise their own Video In Person domain to their use cases. Let’s get started!

Consultation Meeting

To start off we generally have a consultation meeting or call. The goal is to better understand you as a customer, organisation and use cases. The consultation meeting often includes an in-depth look at how your processes work, how Video In Person will be incorporated and how you will test and validate Video In Person. This meeting includes a demo of relevant features as described by your processes.

Want to see a demo? Schedule a short 15-minute demo.

Pick & Choose

Video In Person is a platform developed for Insurance, Finance, Healthcare and Service use cases, meaning a lot of features. You can find more about our features in our features section or in our blog which features are most relevant for your industry

With over 50 features we offer different packages with different features so you can optimise the effectiveness of your use cases with Video In Person. During a demo or meeting we can show you every feature we have and discuss what is and is not relevant to your use cases.

Branding your video communication solution

One element of Video In Person we spend time on with customers is branding. Since Video In Person is entirely white-label, it allows you to brand everything from the video domain URL to E-mail/SMS message communications. We will spend time with you to ensure the branding is exactly how you require it.

sample customization of the VIP’s appearance

Did you know Video In Person is used in the following use cases?

Claims processing

Damage claims evidence collection 



Pre-inspection before on-site visits 

Roadside Assistance

Customer Service Video-communication

First-line support & maintenance

Installation Support

Sales Support

Custom Features

Video In Person is a web-based Saas solution developed by a software company called Yameo. This means the solution is fully managed and maintained by software developers. Adding a unique and custom feature particular to your domain is therefore not difficult or time-consuming. You can discover more on our Custom Solutions page. Most video communication solution will not have all the features you need and will not developed those extra features you require. Video In Person does develop custom features according to your need. If 90% of your required features are already available on our Features webpage, we will develop the remaining 10% of features to ensure you have a truly effective and customised video communication solution.

Proof of Concept and Training 

Showing and discussing the features you need is one thing, we also believe that letting you use and test features yourselves is equally important. Therefore we offer training sessions and Proof of Concept periods to allow you to validate features for yourself on your own time. Read more on the value of doing your own PoC in our dedicated article

Launch and Go 

After you have chosen your features, your package and your configurations, let’s launch! A web-based solution means no prior download to usage, so it is quick and easy to implement in your business processes. If you have a custom solution with an integration we will of course help you get this installed prior to launch. 

Regular Customer Meetings 

After the initial launch period we schedule regular meetings with them to evaluate and learn about changes within their business. As your business grows and changes it is important your tools like Video In Person grow and change with you. This leads to our roadmap which we design based on the feedback we receive from our customers. 80% of the new features we develop and make available on our platform come from our customer feedback. 

Real-world implementations 

Eager to see real-world implementations of Video In Person? Or what do our customers think of their branded solution? We have a host of case studies from different industries for you to read.

Nick van Xanten

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