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Technology is constantly changing how modern companies conduct business. Whether you connect customers with your remote customer service teams or use AI to calculate claim payout, there is no business model impervious to digital transformation, especially in claims handling.

In 2023, customer service is not limited to phone calls or emails. Today, businesses emphasize omni-channel customer service experiences that enable multiple touchpoints for your customers, such as live chat, chatbots, social media, and video-enabled chat. 

Video-enabled customer service is rapidly growing as a valuable customer support channel. Integrating video-enabled chat into your claims-handling processes empowers your employees to handle requests in real-time and manage customer expectations via face-to-face communication. 

Here are 5 top reasons why you should enable Video Customer Service for Claims Handling

  1. Improved accuracy in Claim Description 

The initial description of the claim is key for you to understand the scope of the claim. In many instances channels like phone, email or self-service apps do not cut it. Eventually, the best solution is to have your experts see what the claim is. This can of course be done via an on-site visit, which costs you time and money. The alternative is using a video-enabled chat solution allowing your experts to see the claim first-hand via a secure video session. Experts can take high-quality pictures, make video recordings and record the full scope of the claim. Setting the foundation for a quick, clear, and customer-friendly claims handling process. 

Considering that 80% of customers are more likely to use a service or buy a product that offers a personalised experience – you can see the value of video-enabled chat. There is no doubt that personalised service plays a pivotal role in defining a customer’s experience.  

You can read our full blog post on best practices for accurate claim description and registration.

  1. Reduce Costs for Claims Handling 

Reducing costs should not mean you cut or scale down your customer service. Video-enabled chat helps businesses to save on costs associated with travel, as agents can remotely handle claims. Features like co-browsing or screen-sharing can make a video session feel more interactive than in-person. For a full list of features on Video In Person, see our Features page.

Besides saving on costs like travel costs and time, you also save your customer time. Instead of them waiting for your agents to visit on-site, you offer them a convenient and reliable option to have a video session at their time of choosing. A real ‘win-win’ situation for both you and your customer.

  1. Faster Claims Handling 

Improved accuracy in claim description is one way to improve the speed at which a claim is processed.  Better descriptions mean better preparation and end-results. However, one main benefit of video-enabled claims handling is that it allows customers and your agents to review the claim faster. Since there is no travel time, your agents can ad-hoc set up a video session, or schedule one according to the customer’s preferences. This results in you cutting down the time between a claim being announced and the first inspection by your experts. This improved resolution time helps: 

  • make your employees more efficient 
  • the customer is happy as their claim is handled quicker 
  • your ability to scale without dramatically increasing your workforce
  1. Better customer experiences 

Customer experiences are important for businesses to survive in their line of work, definitely in this day and age. This is reflected when you consider that 65% of customers have a higher expectation of a good experience compared with three years ago. And 62% would recommend your service to someone else if they had a good experience. Therefore, it is key to offer customer experiences that matter. A video-enabled chat offers your employees the chance to serve customers quickly, efficiently, and in a customer-friendly manner. 

Not only is a good customer experience necessary to gain new customers, but it is also important to keep customers. 50% of customers would switch to a competitor after just one poor experience. Video-enabled claims handling offers your brand the opportunity to provide a friendly and supportive face to your service. 

  1. Improve your service with recordings 

Finally, as more businesses try to differentiate themselves, it is important to continually maintain high levels of service. 77% of customers say good service is critical to earning good brand loyalty. Video-enabled chat in claims handling enables your agents to record their sessions with customers. High-performing agents’ behaviour can be evaluated and used to benchmark the standard of service across the board. With Video In Person, all recordings are stored and attached per video session, making it easy for your to evaluate your agent’s performance. Moreover, with generated reports, you can monitor and assess the statistical performance of agents. 

Want to know more about video customer service for claims handling?

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