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Video In Person

Video In Person has a host of features available so you can design and build the solution that meets your needs. We believe that custom solutions better serve you than standard fixed solutions and that is why Video In Person has been developed with numerous features and functionalities so you can pick and match what you need.


Fully customise and brand the tool to your business look & feel for instant trust and recognition.


Scan documents, sign documents or co-browse documents together for a fully collaborative experience.

Click & Play

No download needed or technical expertise by the customer. Simply click and start using Video In Person on your browser


Share screens, co-browse, annotate on screen during live video and many more

Evidence Collection

Whether it is making a recording or taking pictures or any other evidence collection feature, remotely perform tasks and support your business cases

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Scheduled, ad-hoc or inbound video calling allows you to utilize the power of digital face-to-face interaction according to your needs

Inbound video sessions

Allow customers or remote field workers to initiate video sessions with your experts. Queue incoming video sessions and assign them to specific experts.

Ad Hoc video sessions

Quickly send an invite or generate a link and share with participants for quick ad-hoc meetings.

Schedule video sessions

Schedule video sessions for a specific date and time with specific participants.

Random key generation before and during calls

For an even higher level of security

Scanning & Printing

Scan and print document.

Pad Sign

Pad signature to allow users to sign documents.


Digitally sign documents using E-sign.

Video Identification

Identify participants using their identification documents and confirm authenticity

Hosting Options

Standard the solution is hosted in the Cloud, however if you would like hosting On-Premise we can arrange this.

Storage Options

Choose if storage will be in the Cloud, Hybrid or on your servers.


Manage and view stored files from the domain menu


Verify data integrity

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Video and audio streams secured

SRTP, TLS, AES 128-bit encryption, H.235 and FIPS 140-2.

End-to-end encryption

GDPR Compliant

Singe Sign On Options

Hosted in our ISO27001 certified data center

Or data can be stored on your own servers

pass protected

Passwords protected

With b-crypt algorithm

pass management

Password Management

Set password requirements for all your users in accordance with your company policy.


See your video call history, review performance and manage files collected.

User Management

Manage users and assign roles.

Questionnaire & Surveys

Create questionnaires and surveys which are shared with participants after the video sessions for strong performance evaluation.

ICS Settings

Synchronise scheduled video calls in your Outlook Calendar


Set the language for your domain, we support a host of languages.

Create Call period

Set automatic call sessions of 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes allowing quick time slot selections when scheduling video calls.

Usage Dashboard

Statistics showing the usage of your domain, what a particular expert is doing or how much of your specific storage and SMS packages are unused.

E-mail Branding

Brand E-mail sending to show your organisations as Sender.

Take Picture

Experts have control during video sessions to take pictures relevant to their use case.


Together with clients co-browse and view documents, websites or other materials.

Invite guests

During a call if another expert or specialist is needed, simply invite them.


Use invited participants device to zoom-in the camera for better evidence collection purposes.

Domain branding

Design the colours, look & feel, your logo and name to your video domain and ensure customers recognise your brand.

SMS & E-mail Message Content

Design messages according to your business cases, including pictures and logos in your E-mail messages.

Video recording

Make recordings of the entire video session or just the most important parts.


Share your screen for better collaboration and engagement.

Annotate on screen

Draw on screen during video sessions to better portray to users your message.

Chat functionality

Chat with participants in group sessions or via personal chat rooms during video calls.

URL Branding

Together we can configure the URL to reflect your company to ensure users view the solution as your video tool.

Mobile App

If you prefer a mobile application we can include this in your solution.


See participant GPS-localisation to ensure participants are where they are supposed to be.

External camera/microphone

Change your audio & visual devices to external ones for a better or different perspective.

View pictures

During a video session view the pictures you have taken, zoom-in and delete if necessary.

Virtual background

Add a virtual background during video sessions.

SMS Branding

Brand SMS sending to show your organisation as Sender.

Custom feature? Whether its integration or development of new features, we’ve got you covered.

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