Custom Features

We have the ability to quickly develop specific functions for your Video In Person solution. Optimizing your video communication experience as well as that of your customer. You can request custom features for your solution to further enhance your competitive advantage with a truly unique video communication solution.


Video In Person was designed to integrate with third-party systems such as your back-end systems enabling a more seamless experience. You can integrate your CRM to streamline the scheduling of calls or integrate your document handling systems to automatically sort and store files from calls to the correct customer dossier. There are many opportunities by which you can further enhance your experience and usage of Video In Person. We have a team of consultants ready to assist you.

Your Environment

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Video solution with standard features

  • Genesis
  • CRM
  • Back – Office
  • Front – Office
  • Process flow
  • Specific functions
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Video In Person Component

User interface built and based on REST on API – flexibility and ease! Image rectangle Icon arrow right

Video solution with standard features

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  • Branding
  • Digital signage
  • Video identification
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  • Video Recording
  • Different calling methods
  • Remote Picture

On-Premise or cloud deployment

Standard Cloud deployment is part of our base offer, however we completely understand that you may wish to have on-premise deployment of the video technology. This is an option which sets Video In Person apart from competitors as you can choose for yourself. Get in contact with us and our team is ready to help and assist you choose the right deployment for you.

Embed with your current infrastructure

Video In Person is built using REST API’s meaning we can embed the solution into your existing infrastructure such as mobile applications. The solution is able to run on modern iOS and Android systems meaning no new hardware is needed for mobile usage.

Mobile vs WebRTC

Video In Person is designed to work on both mobile application and WebRTC. The main difference is your choice and your preferred implementation. Standard Video In Person will be delivered in it’s native WebRTC form applicable to supported browsers. However, if you have your own mobile application or would like to have a dedicated video mobile application developed, this is well within our area of expertise.

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