There is a new innovation in how businesses and customers communicate and interact online. As customers continue to prefer a digital experience in their interaction and businesses continue to digitally transform a new front has opened in B2C landscape. Instant real-time video support and service without download of an app or plugin – WebRTC.

WebRTC – making CX easier and simpler

The technology WebRTC allows users to chat in real-time directly through the browser, with simple click-to-call or click-to-video solutions that launch immediate experiences. WebRTC and video aim to solve the well-known problems of bureaucratic customer service by making it easier for customers to move their conversation to a video chat in seconds. A customer can start by chatting to a bot or contact center agent on your company’s website, which attempts to solve their issue with mostly FAQ responses and self-service options. If this doesn’t work – the next best step is WebRTC and video for a strong CX.

With 50% of customers saying they would switch to a competitor after a very poor CX incident – its important to ensure your customer service agents have the tools at their disposal to offer the best CX. There are numerous video software solutions available, however it is important to identify those who support WebRTC technology. If a customer wants or needs to escalate to video chat the next worst thing you can tell them is they first need to download an app or install plugin software.

Click to Chat or Video Conference

Using WebRTC technology your customer service teams can offer immediate and personalised support, helping to improve first-line resolutions and increase customer satisfaction. As customers can video-connect with your CX teams they can use features like screen-share, co-browsing, file-sharing and custom features like e-signing documents to provide a better informative and contextual resolution to customer requests. Since WebRTC technology works through the browser, it eliminates the complexity of using different applications to complete a service request. It also means that customers don’t have to deal with the frustration of downloading new software from every business they interact with.

As digital interactions become the preference over face-to-face interactions, the change to WebRTC and video for a strong CX could be the key to simplifying the customer satisfaction scoring and give your business a competitive advantage.

Video In Person as a WebRTC enabled video solution

Interested to see how WebRTC enabled video-chat works? Video In Person is built on WebRTC technology – schedule a demo or get in touch and let’s give you a tour!

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    Nick van Xanten

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