Video In Person for inbound and outbound video sessions

Provide a simple and engaging customer experience with our real-time video communication and interaction system. Meet your customers’ needs: start communication with a scheduled video call or let your customers call you first, use chat, quickly explain something while sharing your screen, co-browse documents and sign them – all without downloading any additional apps.

Video sessions with your customers

Start a conversation with your customer in 3 different ways: schedule meetings, quickly send an invite for an ad-hoc call, or let your customers call you first.

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Engage, support and advise

Create a more engaging experience for your customers: use chat, share your screen, co-browse documents together, annotate on screen and sign documents. Use additional features that would support your business in providing your service.

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Click a link and start the conversation

Everyone can use Video In Person as long as they can connect to the Internet. You don’t have to download any additional software or learn how to use an app, just click a link and quickly connect to the videocall.

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Convey messages, share knowledge,

and assist your customers through video.

Check how Video In Person can be used in your industry

Operate remotely, maintain the human touch, and support your customers in real-time.

Video for finance
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Use a secure, encrypted video tool trusted by banks for face-to-face engagement with your customers to meet all their banking needs and efficiently deal with their matters.

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Build personal relationships with your customers, simplify claims handling, and use enhanced evidence collection features to improve your business processes.

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Extend your services beyond your clinic to take care of your patients remotely and give them better access to healthcare.

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Video in Person for services
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Get experts’ opinion, collect evidence, control information, and perform inspections, audits, and certification processes in a remote way.

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Enhance your customer journey with additional features

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Scheduled, ad-hoc or inbound video calling allows you to utilize the power of digital face-to-face interaction according to your needs

Evidence Collection

Whether it is making a recording or taking pictures or any other evidence collection feature, remotely perform tasks and support your business cases


Share screens, co-browse, annotate on screen during live video and many more

Click & Play

No download needed or technical expertise by the customer. Simply click and start using Video In Person on your browser


Scan documents, sign documents or co-browse documents together for a fully collaborative experience.


Fully customise and brand the tool to your business look & feel for instant trust and recognition.

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Our Customers

Our Customers stories

See our use cases
See our use cases

We wanted our customers to receive an SMS or Email with invite that they could click on and immediately connect to our experts. We also wanted to be able to customize the solution so that we could have really specific functionalities such as GeoPositioning, two-way document sharing, as well as integration to our back office and other support systems. After choosing a high-quality video module, we built the entire thing and they built in all the functionalities. Using the easy branding features in place we fully branded the solution to DEKRA’s look & feel.

Reginald Vogelzang

Vice President DEKRA Group

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