Use a secure video connection for face-to-face engagement for all your customer’s banking needs

Video In Person for Finance is designed so that all your business cases can be supported. We have developed an innovative solution which allows you to remotely engage face-to-face with customers using modern features such as Video Identification, E-signature, Co-browsing and many more. Video In Person allows financial organisations to reach out and engage with customers anywhere any time.

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Superior customer experience

Conveniently engage with customers with the click of a button to assist them with their needs – even on mobile and without the need to download or install any software.

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Better customer relationships

Video In Person allows your agents to focus on customer needs, building a better relationship and improving performance.

Scale to meet demand
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Scale to meet demand

Our solution enables you to meet demand by quickly adding new users.

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Innovate processes

Innovation leads to better performance and our solution enables you to improve service, quality and reduce costs.

Supported Use Cases

Video – Enabled Branch

Whether a customer wants to open an account or manage their finances they can do so together with bank agents using a convenient and modern solution. Our innovative solution includes biometric features, ID-verification processes and digital signing or documents.

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Private banking

You may be offering finance management options to private clients whereby together with your bank agents, clients discuss their portfolio and make adjustments. Video In Person for Finance is an ideal tool as it allows clients to remotely connect on any device with your employees and handle all their affairs in real-time in a quick, convenient, reliable and effective video session.

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Chat to video escalation

Whether on your website or mobile app, if a client is using your customer care channels to communicate and would like to escalate the discussion to video, Video In Person for Finance is the quick and easy tool for you! Simply generate a link and share or send a quick invitation and allow clients to join a dedicated video session with the touch of a button – no download necessary.

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Retail banking

Conveniently connect with customers to help manage their financial dealings. Offer video calls to review customer savings, offer best practices on how to better manage savings and up-sell your services.

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Mortgages & Loans

Offer personal advice on mortgages and loans to prospects and customers. Using our video tool agents will be able to communicate faster and on a personal level guide customers and prospects through the decision-making process.

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Business banking

Your banking agents and advisors can become trusted partners for your business customers. Using a quick and convenient tool enable agents to build trust relationships whilst offering customers the ability to contact your agents with one click.

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Personally advise customers regarding the insurance services and products most relevant to them.

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Need more? Whether its integration or development of new features, we’ve got you covered.

What our experts say about Finance industry?

Cost-Efficiency meets Personal Care

Save on costs with a video-enabled branche or video-kiosk terminal and support centralisation of your resources while maintaining service and presence. Clients can easily identify you using our solution branding options and kiosk designs.

Maciej Krajewski

Maciej Krajewski

Managing Director at Yameo

Traditional banking goes digital

Face-to-face engage your customers using high-quality video sessions and guide them through processes such as opening an account, cashing a cheque or applying for a new bank card. Traditional face-to-face banking along with your unique client care are seamlessly integrated into the Video In Person for Finance solution.

Nick van Xanten

Nick van Xanten

Sales Manager at Yameo

Be the future

Video In Person’s modern and innovative designs, ready-to-market features and customisable solution is ready to launch your banking practices into the future. Use features such as Video Identification, Digital E-signing of documents or remotely scanning and printing to service your clients in a modern, innovative and cost-cutting manner.

Jakub Czechowski

Jakub Czechowski

Chief Operating Officer at Yameo

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