How can your business benefit from video calling with customers? Or using remote services such as video inspections, appraisals, or audits? What results and values do these developments bring to your business? Well, let’s calculate your potential gains from video calling and/or remote services compared to in-person or standard contact center channels. What is your ROI of video calling?

Measure your KPIs and other key results

save costs video calling

Save Costs

Video calling with customers helps drive down costs by 35%. Additionally, it means both your agent and customer save on travel time. Win-win!

grow revenue with video calling

Grow Revenue

Your agents can service more customer requests every day by video. Making them more efficient and your business more cost-effective.

improve nps score video calling

NPS Score

Through personal service you are more efficient, effective, and able to reduce time-to-serve your customers.

get new business video calling

Get New Business

Expand the use cases you support with new and innovative video supported processes.

better for environment video calling

Better for the environment

Reduced travelling means less CO2 and emissions, helping to give your organisation a greener footprint when conducting business.

Let’s review some KPIs

Save time

Time is usually a good indicator if a process is more efficient after a new implementation. In determining your ROI of video calling this is no different. If your agents are quicker in handling customer service requests – great! If your experts spend less time travelling and more time with your customers – awesome! Meeting customers via video instead of in-person allows both your business and customers to save time. Most people have been introduced to video meetings and video calling via solutions like Teams or Zoom, but Video In Person is one of the first solutions on the market to offer video communication, collaboration, and video kiosks in one platform. And this is all via the web browser meaning no download for you or your customers. You simply click and start video chatting! You can learn more about Video In Person vs Teams and Zoom in our relevant article.

compare zoom, teams, video in person

Comparing Video Solutions – VIP vs. Zoom and Teams

There are lots of video communication & collaboration solutions available – however the most common two are probably Zoom and Microsoft Teams. ‘What is the difference between Video In Person and Zoom or Teams?’. Let’s look at comparing video solutions! Read on…

Boosting Productivity

Another good measure is the performance of your employees before vs after introducing video calling. Video calling has been known to increase productivity, as showcased by DEKRA who uses our platform known as DEKRA i2i – with a result of 35% more insurance claims handled per year.

Some key KPIs you can measure:

  • Handling time of customer requests
  • First-contact resolution scores
  • Wait time or time-to-service customers
  • Abandonment

A solid video solution offers you the options to maximise your benefit via productivity, collaboration, and branding options. Video In Person has these options available enabling you to use a custom solution that perfectly fits your needs and use cases. And that whilst 100% branding of the solution so that customers know it is your organisation they are talking with. You can read all about the available features on our Features Page.

Increase your revenue

Video calls offer new opportunities to increase sales conversions because they enable a more efficient way to interact with customers than in person. They speed up decision making, shorten the sales process and boost your sales.

Thanks to the video software from Yameo we are winning more and more new customers.
Florian Hutter, Managing Director Innovation at Tellma GmbH

Additionally, through personal communication in video calls your employees have a larger chance of influencing your customer’s decision-making process and enabling better results in up- and cross-selling. Through face-to-face interaction via video, you have a chance of increasing sales conversions compared to more traditional channels like chat or phone. I can imagine that more revenue and productivity as a result of video calling is going to be pretty positive for your ROI of video calling!

Help the environment and reduce CO2

There is a lot of discussion about the effects of reducing CO2 and other emissions from video conferencing. On the one hand, you use electricity for your devices, but on the other, your employees and customers eliminate travel emissions due to video calling instead of in-person visits. According to the European Parliament, you can reduce CO2 by at least 2.4 kilos per meeting. That is about 10% of CO2 emitted by an average person in Western Europe daily. There are also tips and tricks you can do to maximise your CO2 reduction when using video calling solutions like dimming your screen brightness or limiting your camera (if that is possible).

Improve NPS Score

Video calls have been shown to improve customer satisfaction and NPS scores. Since video provides a digital and efficient manner of communication and also offers personalised service, it often meets the criteria of the Connected Customer in 2022. The consumer market is continually changing with new trends and expectations becoming more demanded by the customer. This means it is up to organisations to keep pace and change their customer service approach or fall behind.

Discover your ROI when using Video In Person

Nick van Xanten

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