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DEKRA is the global market leader when it comes to knowledge-based services such as damage expertise and claims management through testing, inspection, and certification. They have more than 35,000 employees in more than 50 countries. Our solutions help them achieve results in Insurance, Automotive, Loss Adjustment, and Certification.

DEKRA Service Division

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DEKRA was looking for a solution that would revolutionize the process of loss adjusting and claims processing. We suggested using video as a tool to perform these activities remotely. Together we developed a real-time video solution. Since its release in 2013, over 10,000 claims are handled by the system annually in multiple countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, and South & North America. Hundreds of DEKRA Experts now use their branded video tool ‘DEKRA i2i’.


After an examination of DEKRA’s workflow processes and customer expectations, we analyzed which customized video solution would be the best fit. Together in an Agile manner we worked with DEKRA and developed a tool called DEKRA i2i. The first version was a desktop/mobile application that needed installation on dedicated devices. Eventually, once the technology had caught up, we shifted to a WebRTC-based solution, eliminating the desktop and mobile applications.


A WebRTC-based online tool whereby DEKRA experts can schedule, host, and answer video calls with customers or remote experts. The solution supports features such as video recording, “see what I see” camera switching, taking pictures, Geo- localization of participants, and many more. The video solution enabled remote loss adjusting, claims processing, and handling.


DEKRA i2i has grown to be used in over 20 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, and North & South America. Insurance claims risk decreased due to better evidence collection resulting in 35% more claims handled. As of October 2020, over 10,000 claims are handled annually.
We continue to further develop their solution based on DEKRA’s needs and market feedback. This approach ensures DEKRA i2i will continue to be cutting-edge and maintain its competitive advantage in the market.

Mobile screens for DEKRA i2i implementation

Most important features used in this project

Evidence Collection

Whether it is making a recording or taking pictures or any other evidence collection feature, remotely perform tasks and support your business cases

View pictures

During a video session view the pictures you have taken, zoom-in and delete if necessary.


See participant GPS-localisation to ensure participants are where they are supposed to be.

Click & Play

No download needed or technical expertise by the customer. Simply click and start using Video In Person on your browser


Share screens, co-browse, annotate on screen during live video and many more

Ad Hoc video sessions

Quickly send an invite or generate a link and share with participants for quick ad-hoc meetings.

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