About the project

Urner Kantonalbank was looking for a solution by which they could expand their services to customers without expanding their physical operations. We suggested a video kiosk terminal capable of handling basic banking activities such as opening an account or depositing a cheque. Together we looked at the features & functionalities necessary such as identification, e-signature and NFC card readers. In the first three months after deployment over 1,800 customers has used a video kiosk terminal with 90% rating the experience as extremely positive.

Urner Kantonalbank

Name of client

Financial Services



Number of employees

3,07 billion EUR



Urner Kantonalbank needed a personalised, easy and convenient experience for their bank customers when using the service. In order to maintain their excellent quality of service to customers without increasing physical operations meant a solution that was scalable and could be managed from a centralised location. They required a number of features from the video kiosk terminal including the physical housing of the terminal such as management of air-conditioning, heating, lighting and kiosk box door management.


We examined the ideal customer journey and the processes & activities they needed to support using the solution and designed it accordingly. Together in a close and cohesive discussion with our implementation partner tellma GmbH we developed the right features to fully support their business needs.


A fully functional video kiosk terminal used for multiple use cases like opening an account and card orders. The solution is completely manageable for remote bank experts who are able to scan documents, verify identification, read NFC cards and even manage the physical environment like opening & closing the doors to the kiosk box, turn on/off lighting and many more features. The entire solution is branded so customer’s easily recognise their trusted bank.


In the first three months over 1,900 customers used the video service with 90% rating their experience as very positive. 90% of all requests were processed and handled using the video kiosk service.

The ease and convenience of the video service means a customers from an array of age and backgrounds were willing and able to use the video service, enhancing the bank’s ability to continuing their excellent quality customer service.

The video kiosk solution in use by bank customers

Most important features used in this project

Icon monitor


Scheduled, ad-hoc or inbound video calling allows you to utilize the power of digital face-to-face interaction according to your needs

Scanning & Printing

Scan and print document.

Pad Sign

Pad signature to allow users to sign documents.

Inbound video sessions

Allow customers or remote field workers to initiate video sessions with your experts. Queue incoming video sessions and assign them to specific experts.


Scan documents, sign documents or co-browse documents together for a fully collaborative experience.


Share screens, co-browse, annotate on screen during live video and many more