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Choosing a video solution for your business or organisation can be a real challenge. There are lots of solutions available and each has its own pros and cons. Take for example Microsoft Teams: Does it meet your requirements? Do you need a branded solution or is a Team’s branded solution enough? There are a lot of questions and requirements to consider before you make an informed decision. Doing a proof of concept (POC) of a video solution can therefore be very beneficial! You gain insights into relevant features, build your use cases, and discover the feasibility of video solutions for your business.

Why Do You Need to Have a Proof of Concept of a video solution?

A proof of concept, according to Mary Pratt at TechTarget is “an exercise in which work is focused on determining whether an idea can be turned into a reality. A proof of concept is meant to determine the feasibility of the idea or to verify that the idea will function as envisioned.”.

A POC is initiated for you to understand the different elements of a video solution within your organisation and how to optimise such a solution to your needs. A POC is designed to bring immediate feedback inside the company before it is taken forward to decision-makers. Once approved by the internal managers, it can then be used as a successful idea to sell to other stakeholders.

Technical vs Business Proof of Concept

A POC often focuses on two areas:

  1. Technical implementation
  2. Business feasibility
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Technical Implementation

One aspect of a POC is the technical POC. A new solution, especially a new software solution like Video In Person can sometimes ask for technical testing to make it optimally work in your technical environment. To give an example, in German insurance companies there are strict firewall regulations that can hinder the ability to stream traffic. This can have an impact on solutions working optimally and maximise their benefit. Generally, Video In Person works in all environments and on all devices, you can read more on how we use your infrastructure to make Video In Person work. However, other such solutions may experience more difficulty or not work at all.

Business Feasibility

Ensuring business cases work with a new solution is important. Therefore a POC to test the business feasibility of a video calling solution can be an important step, especially when confirming the feasibility of your ROI. You can read more on how Video In Person can help with your Return on Investment in this linked article.

During a POC you have the chance to analyse if a solution fits with your workflow processes or if your employees will need additional training. Importantly, you also gain insights into what may be missing in a solution and what features are essential. Video In Person is a custom solution meaning that if there’s a feature that you need, we can develop it. This is one of the aspects which makes Video In Person give a company a competitive edge over other off-the-shelf solutions. You can read more on Video In Person vs standard off-the-shelf solutions in our dedicated article.

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Comparing Video Solutions – VIP vs. Zoom and Teams

There are lots of video communication & collaboration solutions available – however the most common two are probably Zoom and Microsoft Teams. ‘What is the difference between Video In Person and Zoom or Teams?’. Let’s look at comparing video solutions! Read on…

Benefits of doing a POC

A proof of concept of a video solution can be viewed as a deciding factor before even an actual product is developed or purchased. It can help you make informed decisions about investing in a new solution, by determining the viability of the product. It can tell you if the project is feasible and technology-wise or not. Generating a POC can help you identify potential gaps and loopholes and other risk factors beforehand, thereby preventing huge losses and downtime in the future.

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How our process normally looks like? First, you need to get in touch with us! You can do so by contacting us directly or downloading one of our e-books on video implementation at the bottom of this page. We will get in touch and schedule a meeting with you.

First, a demo

Almost always the first step is to have a demo meeting. The purpose here is to show the Video In Person solution and to learn your use cases. This meeting is intended for both of us to learn something new. We focus on your use cases, workflow processes, and your previous experiences with other video solutions. On the other hand, you will see the solution in action, learn what are the opportunities for you and how features work. Generally, this meeting takes 30-45 minutes of your time. If you are interested to schedule a demo, please find the button below.

Setting-up your video domain

After our meeting, we guarantee that within 2 work days your domain is ready to test. The quick scalability and deployment of Video In Person are one of its main benefits. Due to the WebRTC technology and architectural design, the solution is fast, agile, and scalable. Perfect for both national and international companies.

You get to test!

During a predetermined period of time, you will be able to test the solution and all features. As a team, we will be on standby to help you with any questions or issues you may have. Our goal here is to ensure you have a valuable testing period of the solution. During this test period, you will also be given access to our user manual, as well as a training session for the persons who will test the solution.

Together we analyse your experience

The final step is to analyse your experience and test results. This is maybe the most important part of the whole POC journey since it sheds light on the next steps. Here we will invite you to a discussion with our Business Development Manager and Technical Lead. Together you will shed light on the strengths and shortcomings which will form the basis of any next steps. Speaking from experience, these sessions can take anywhere from an hour to multiple sessions spread over multiple days. The benefit is to learn from your experience whether Video In Person is the right solution for your needs.

Implementing video solutions

Another important aspect of a POC is to allow you to compare the implementation of video solutions. Comparing video solutions makes for a better decision and better solution fit. Knowing how a video solution can be implemented is another vital piece of information to know if a solution is a right match for you. Therefore a downloadable e-book is available demonstrating how Video In Person can be implemented in your business and industry. You can choose the e-book which matches your industry to learn how to best implement video.

Process claims via video
Insurance e-book on video implementation. Download here.
Invite specialists
Healthcare e-book on video implementation. Download here.
Banking e-book on video implementation. Download here.
Field Services e-book on video implementation. Download here.

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