About the project

ERGO Hestia is one of the largest insurance companies in Poland. They are represented by 3,000 employees, more than 3.6 million individual customers and companies and small and medium business, as well as major corporations. Every year they bring help to 480 thousand damages.

Ergo Hestia

Name of client

Insurance Services



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Ergo Hestia required a WebRTC enabled video solution to allow for quick and easy use of video as a tool to remotely collect audio-visual evidence for insurance use cases. The solution needed to work without the need to download a mobile application and should be scalable and flexible during in-field use. They required a few custom changes to Video In Person’s standard solution to meet their unique use cases.


Together with Ergo Hestia we first offered a Proof of Concept environment for them to test the working Video In Person solution. After initial testing we conducted a thorough evaluation and concluded that with a few change requests the solution would fully be able to support Ergo Hestia’s use cases.


The solution is a fully WebRTC enabled solution enabling quick and easy use by Ergo Hestia experts to conduct remote insurance visits, inspections and audits. The solution is fully branded to Ergo Hestia’s look & feel and company colours.


The solution was first introduced to production at the beginning of 2021 and is currently used by Ergo Hestia to conduct various remote insurance use cases. Together we have worked with Ergo Hestia to continue improve their experience of the solution and will release new Ergo Hestia-specific features.

Ergo Hestia’s customers can now show via ‘see what I see’ with Insurance experts their damage claims.

Most important features used in this project

Take Picture

Experts have control during video sessions to take pictures relevant to their use case.

Video recording

Make recordings of the entire video session or just the most important parts.

Icon shield

Video and audio streams secured

SRTP, TLS, AES 128-bit encryption, H.235 and FIPS 140-2.

Schedule video sessions

Schedule video sessions for a specific date and time with specific participants.


Fully customise and brand the tool to your business look & feel for instant trust and recognition.


Scan documents, sign documents or co-browse documents together for a fully collaborative experience.