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Let us take a closer look at the many features Video In Person has to offer. Firstly, why so many features for a video conferencing software solution? Well, to answer that, Video In Person is a Saas solution from Yameo – a software house and digitalisation partner for businesses in Insurance, Finance and Healthcare. To best serve the needs of different industries and multiple use cases we have invested in developing over 50 features. Customers are no longer constrained by a single provider with a set limit of standard features but can choose from a variety of features. The customer is in control of their own service and gets to choose the precise features they need.

What are the features commonly used in:




Remote Services

The different categories of features 

Video In Person has categorized features into 8 categories: 

  1. Branding 
  1. Call Setup 
  1. Enhanced Features 
  1. Hosting & Storage 
  1. In-Call Features 
  1. Management & Evaluation 
  1. Security 
  1. Video Kiosk Terminals 


The goal of any Video conferencing software is to make a connection with your end-customers. And the most important thing for your customers is to feel the sense of relatability which your brand provides. Your company should be able to provide them with a sense of belonging and understanding. This is why we have numerous features to help you brand your video experience. Video In Person lets you brand your customer journey from the first point of contact, whether via an E-mail or SMS invitation message, mobile or web application, or from a customer call button located on a webpage. It is important that your end-customer knows any video-enabled communication will be with your brand and your employees. 

Call Setup 

Video In Person is a market leader in offering three types of video call options, enabling you with a full range of flexible options to start, host and manage service requests via video call. 

  1. Scheduling a call 

You are a team of experts who are here to help your customers with any service requests they may have. You are able to schedule a call between your customer and your experts to discuss their needs and help them resolve their issues. 

  1. Ad-hoc sessions 

Sometimes, it is necessary to start a video call immediately. You might want to share something important, or you might want to start a discussion about something that is happening. 

In these cases, it can be irrelevant to schedule a video call with the other person. This is because they might not have time in their schedule, the topic is time-sensitive, or it is simply much easier discussing face-to-face than via E-mail, SMS, or phone. 

That is why starting an immediate video call without the need to schedule one is so helpful because it allows people to connect immediately and share what they need to share in real time. 

different call options in video conferencing
Different options to create a video call
  1. Incoming video call 

Incoming video calls are a feature on the platform that allows customers (or partners) to video call you. This is a unique call setup that is included on the Video In Person platform and not widely available with other solutions. This is a great way for your customers to get their service requests handled faster and more efficiently by communicating with your employees in real time. 

Enhanced Features 

When it comes to Video conferencing software solutions, they are often limited by practical elements such as customer identification or signing of documents. Enhanced features tackle these issues which go beyond simple video-chat communication. 

Hosting & Storage 

Since 2006, we have worked with insurers, banks and healthcare providers and understand the regulations regarding hosting and storage. We provide different data hosting and storage solutions to our customers. 

In-Call Features 

The bulk of available features are the in-call features. They are available to help support multiple use cases, from remote inspections to tele-health to video-banking. You can review our in-call features here. To give an idea of what we mean with ‘in-call’ features, they are the features you use to perform tasks and carry out use cases in a video call. An example is the take picture feature to take a remote picture, or the document sharing feature to share and manage documents with your customers. 

Management & Evaluation 

Video conferencing software doesn’t end when you disconnect from your customer. We have built-in report generation tools and evaluation dashboards too so you can know everything from the number of calls a particular agent handles to how many SMS invite messages you have sent this month. 


A key component to any Video conferencing software solution is security. We pride ourselves on our secure solution which meets regulations to be used in Healthcare, Banking and Insurance in the EU, UK, and the United States of America. 

Video Kiosk Terminals 

One of the features that sets us apart from other Video conferencing software is web-based video chat combined with video kiosk terminals. This is a one-stop solution for businesses looking to provide on-site customer service and service to their customers via web-based video. 

video in person kiosk terminal
Video Kiosk Terminal in use at Urner Kantonalbank in Switzerland

Best Features for Insurance 

Insurance based video sessions often involve secured evidence collection and documentation handling. Common features we see our customers use are: 

  • Taking pictures & Video recording 
  • Sharing documents or screens 
  • Co-browsing 
  • Geo-localisation of call participants 
  • Annotate on screen 
  • “See what I see” so customers can easily show insurance agents their claim 

“Since we started using the Video In Person solution, we have seen a growth in the number of claims handled remotely. Compared to the previous solution we experienced around 50% increase in video claims and inspections handled. Also, our customers and agents are much more adjusted to using the video solution from Yameo.” – Oskar Jedynasty, Director Ergo Hestia 

In an industry where customer expectations are rapidly changing it is important to have a solution that meets their needs and supports your business. 

Best Features for Finance 

Interesting is that for finance there are two common use cases we see that banks & financial service providers want to support. 

  • Video-enabled customer service 
  • Video Kiosk Terminals 

The Video In Person platform, as a unique leader supports both. 

Financial services-based video sessions often include: 

  • Document sharing 
  • E-signing 
  • Identification processes 
  • Co-browsing 
  • Live transcription audio to text in multiple languages 

Particularly for an industry where customers have a lot of choice these features play an important role in their customer journey. 

Best Features for Healthcare 

Healthcare is all about personal care. Features enabling this: 

  • Scheduling tool 
  • WebRTC Video-chat 
  • Co-browsing 

Especially for consultative services, patients want easy access to their healthcare provider. Simple scheduling and quick to initiate via WebRTC are crucial features. 

Best Features for Remote Services 

Remote services such as audits, inspections, installations, maintenance, and support often require more use of in-call features to support use cases. The most common features we see used by our customers include: 

  • Taking pictures & Video recording 
  • Ad-hoc video-chat sessions 
  • Geo-localisation of call participants 
  • Annotate on screen 
  • “See what I see” so customers can easily show insurance agents their claim 
  • Sharing collected pictures and recordings 

Especially in pre-on-site visits or during on-site visits the above features are extensively used. An example is our latest case study [link to case study]. 

The BIG benefit of so many features for growth 

There are numerous benefits of having a platform with so many features. Most Video conferencing software solutions are off-the-shelf, meaning it is a take it or leave it choice. Video In Person allows you to make a custom choice about what features you need and want to pay for, and which you do not. However, that is not even the big benefit of a Video conferencing software solution with so many features. 

The BIG benefit is having features readily available as you grow your business and digitalisation journey. We have seen that our solution was intended for one department and a handful of use cases but has grown to support multiple departments and use cases. Take our customer DEKRA for example, who started in claims handling using our solution now called DEKRA i2i. Now in 2022, the solution is being used in over 20 entities, 15 countries and 3 industries. The big benefit is they have one solution provider with one video conferencing software solution to handle all their needs. 

A platform continually developing to market demands 

Video In Person, as I mentioned, is a Saas solution from Yameo, meaning we also have full control over the continual development. Working with companies operating in Insurance, Finance and Healthcare means we continually update the platform according to their industry trends. How do we do this? We ask our customers. 

Customers have a big say in development 

We regularly contact our customers to learn about their experiences and challenges. We try and identify features which can help them resolve these challenges and develop them. A customer of Video In Person means you have a direct say in the development of the solution. 


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