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In handling claims or customer service requests, the initial description by customers is crucial. There is nothing more frustrating and costly for your business than having a poor description of the scope of the claim or service request. This important first step to having a clear and accurate description of the claim or service request has a direct impact on the rest of the business process. Working with claims handlers and field-work service companies we share our best practices for accurate claims or service description.

Give Customers Options

Ensuring good and accurate claims or service descriptions from your customers starts by giving them options on how to communicate with your business. Most businesses have a phone or email service available for customers to contact them with their requests. However, speaking to our customers we have seen them drastically improve claim or service descriptions when they offer their customers multiple channels. Examples included WhatsApp automation for personalized and quick communication between you and your customers. You can read more on how to use WhatsApp to automate and personalize your service with customers here. A second option is to enable web-app usage for claim or service registration. Web-apps mean no prior download is necessary allowing customers to quickly initiate their claim or service registration.

Personally guide your customers

A great practice to ensure accurate descriptions of claims and service requests is to guide your customers when they register their request. There are multiple tools available for this like smart forms or video chat. However, help manage the registration process by guiding customers. A valuable resource here is remote on-site visits such as video chat with features like ‘see what I see.’ To give you a better picture see how solutions like Digital Site Survey enable your experts to personally guide customers.

Connect your specialists with specific claims or service requests

Whether you are an expert in fire damage claims or maintenance of machinery – connect your experts with your customers. To ensure accurate claim descriptions get your experts and specialists in touch with your customers when they want to report a claim or service request. Your employee expertise will undoubtedly help your customer report and accurate and clear description of their request.

Help customers help themselves

That said, customers do not always want to talk to someone to get their problem solved — often, they want to quickly resolve their issue themselves. Among customers, 81% attempt to take care of matters themselves before reaching out for support. Additional research shows that 71% want the ability to solve most service issues on their own. There are multiple self-service solutions available, however our pick to highlight is the Offline Photo Application by Yameo.

Dedicated Team of Experts

Our final best practice, which we have seen utilized by our customers, is having a dedicated team of experts. This team focuses on gathering accurate claims or service request descriptions from your customers to start the process. Assigning a dedicated customer service person or team within your company is crucial customer support best practice. Doing so ensures all queries are managed in a proper and timely manner, and nothing falls through the cracks.

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Dedicated customer service employees.

Satisfied with your Customer claims or service request descriptions?

If your customer and service request registration is working accurately, great! Well done on having an effective first step in the customer request process. What may then be of interest is our take on 3 ways to optimise the next step: fieldwork or claims handling. Taking real live examples from our customers you can learn how to optimise fieldwork or claims handling using remote inspections. Click here to read the full article.

So, what can you do now?

Video In Person has helped organizations like DEKRA, Ergo Hestia and R+V initiate best practices in gathering accurate claims or service requests. The developer of Video In Person, Yameo, is a digitalization partner for multiple companies across the world. A free consultation session is a good step forward. Our experts are ready to share industry insights and best practices how you can help improve the accuracy of your claims or service requests from customers. Fill in the form below.

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