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NZOZ Bukowa is a collection of general practitioners in Poland offering medical care to local communities, mainly families. NZOZ Bukowa was looking for a video tele-health solution whereby they could reliably and safely consult with patients on low-risk medical issues without the need for a physical in-person visit. Partly as a result of COVID-regulations and partly for a purpose of convenience, they required a video tele-health solution whereby medical facilities could easily schedule & manage video sessions with patients in one platform.

NZOZ Bukowa

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NZOZ Bukowa required a platform where they could schedule and manage video sessions with patients whilst having a clear set of user rights & strict defined protocols regarding personal patient data when using a video solution. The solution needed to be WebRTC making usage easy for both doctors & patients. Document sharing and co-browsing was an important tool for impactful consultation sessions with patients. The goal was to eventually have a fully branded solution recognisable for patients.


We looked at the requirements presented by NZOZ Bukowa and recommended our standard Video In Person solution with a strong focus on branding. Together we added more custom language to the tool to focus on the healthcare use case they wished to support.


A fully functional video tele-health solution built with WebRTC enabling quick and download-free usage. Patients receive an SMS and/or E-mail with a link to join their video session with their doctor. Specific features such as co-browsing, document sharing and inviting medical specialists during video sessions means the solution is an impactful tool in offering a personal face-to-face digital healthcare consultation session. The solution is completely branded to the look & feel of NZOZ Bukowa, as are all E-mail & SMS messages.


The solution was implemented at the end of 2020 with successful usage between doctors & patients. The solution expanded to another sister organisation to include NZOZ Reda, another healthcare provider in Poland.

Scheduling platform for video tele-health sessions & mobile web-app for easy click & play

Most important features used in this project


Fully customise and brand the tool to your business look & feel for instant trust and recognition.

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Scheduled, ad-hoc or inbound video calling allows you to utilize the power of digital face-to-face interaction according to your needs

Schedule video sessions

Schedule video sessions for a specific date and time with specific participants.

Click & Play

No download needed or technical expertise by the customer. Simply click and start using Video In Person on your browser


Share screens, co-browse, annotate on screen during live video and many more

Invite guests

During a call if another expert or specialist is needed, simply invite them.