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GKK Gutachten GmbH is a sister-company of DEKRA active in the Automotive industry with car inspections & reporting for leasing companies, dealerships and insurance companies. As part of their process they often need to collect evidence to support reporting & claims assessment. Their goal was to implement a video solution whereby their experts could collect this evidence without the need for on-site visits.

GKK Gutachten GmbH

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GKK required a video solution which was suitable to be used in the fieldwork in areas with unstable Wifi coverage. The solution needed to be able to take high-quality pictures and record videos of on-site inspections. Both GKK expert and on-site mobile users would need to be able to easily start video sessions, both from scheduled and ad-hoc situations. A clear and convenient scheduling tool within the platform was an absolute must.


Together we examined the use cases GKK wished to support and analysed the process flow ideal for GKK experts to use the video solution. They gathered a dedicated team which would test the video solution and provide feedback. After this initial testing we added a few features to fully support the use cases they had in mind and encouraged them to re-test. After confirmation a fully branded video solution was delivered and is now used for business purposes.


A WebRTC based tool whereby GKK experts can schedule, host and ad-hoc create video calls with stakeholders and partners in the field. The solution supports key features such as video recording, taking pictures, “See what I see” camera switching allowing experts to directly see what field-users see as well as geo-localisation of field users. The video solution enabled successful remote evidence collection for reports and inspections and enhanced the output of the in-office experts.


Since GKK has used the video solution hundreds of claims have been handled by their dedicated team of experts. Thousands of pictures have been made and used for reporting, damage assessment and inspections of cars. The solution has grown to be used by 7 dedicated teams of experts.

Scheduling platform branded for GKK.

Most important features used in this project

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Scheduled, ad-hoc or inbound video calling allows you to utilize the power of digital face-to-face interaction according to your needs

Evidence Collection

Whether it is making a recording or taking pictures or any other evidence collection feature, remotely perform tasks and support your business cases

View pictures

During a video session view the pictures you have taken, zoom-in and delete if necessary.


See participant GPS-localisation to ensure participants are where they are supposed to be.

Schedule video sessions

Schedule video sessions for a specific date and time with specific participants.

Ad Hoc video sessions

Quickly send an invite or generate a link and share with participants for quick ad-hoc meetings.